Richard F. Hamlin, P.E. – Chief Engineering Officer
Richard, the firm's Chief Engineering Officer, is a 1979 graduate of Norwich University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and has been performing engineering design services for over 35 years. He maintains Professional Engineering licenses in the states of Vermont, New Hamshire, and Maine. After working for the Corps of Engineers in northern Europe, he returned to Vermont to serve as a Design Engineer. Throughout his career, Richard has designed a variety of projects  including a 78 acre mixed commercial, retail, residential development,  an innovative sewer system to serve restaurants located on top of the highest mountain in Vermont, and numerous roadway designs which include both pedestrian and bicycle accommodations. Richard has been recognized for the use of foam insulation to provide roadway stability for cold weather climates.  Richard also performed design services for the Government of the Virgin Islands related to new roadway alignments through environmentally sensitive areas. Richard has successfully used 3-D modeling on multiple projects to help describe the project impacts and benefits to the public.
As the Chief Engineering Officer of the firm, Richard is responsible for all corporate operations and supervision of the technical staff.

Jeffrey P. Kershner, P.E. - President

Jeffrey, the firm's President, is a 1993 graduate of the University of Vermont, graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He maintains a Professional Engineering license in the state of Vermont. Jeffrey has served as the Project Manager for numerous traffic, site development, and stormwater drainage projects. He has performed inspection work for numerous projects and attended numerous courses in traffic and transportation engineering, including the Econolite "Fundamentals of Traffic Control" offered by Econolite Control Products, Inc. Jeffrey is very familiar with the current operational and construction stormwater permitting regulations in the state of Vermont.  He has served as the Environmental Specialist required by those permits and has been responsible for regular inspections, documentation, and reporting to the State Agency of Natural Resources. Jeffrey has designed roadway and intersection improvements for 9 signalized intersections as part of  a major retail, commercial, and residential development.


As President of the firm, Jeffrey is responsible for our quality assurance and quality  control program and technology systems.




Benjamin D. Heath, P.E. - Vice President

Ben is a 2010 graduate of the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. He is a Professional Engineer Licensed in the State of Vermont, Licensed Class B Wastewater Designer, Licensed Vermont Water Supply Designer, Certified Pollution Abatement Facility Operator, and a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control. Ben joined DLHCE in 2006, serving as an engineering intern during his studies at the University of Vermont. Ben has provided engineering design for lakeshore slope stabilization, stream restoration, and roadway repair related to stabilization and drainage. Ben has designed complete residential street reconstruction projects including underground utilities. Some of these projects included the use of an innovative roadway design section using foam insulation to prevent non uniform movement of subgrade due to frost.  He has designed and permitted numerous wastewater improvements to serve both residential and commercial properties including innnovative systems to serve ski area facilities on Vermont's highest peak.  Ben also has experience using multiple 3-D modeling software platforms and can use these models to provide conceptual visualization of the proposed projects he develops. Ben has served as the Resident Engineer for roadway reconstruction, sewer replacement, pedestrian facilities, and waterline replacement projects.


As Vice President of the firm, Ben is responsible for our firm's marketing including the preparation of proposals, statements of qualification, branding, and our website.



Michael R. Magoon, L.S. – Chief of Surveys

Michael, the firm's Chief of Surveys, has been providing survey services with our firm for over 30 years. Michael is uniquely qualified to provide all types of land survey services.  Michael is a Vermont Licensed Surveyor and is experienced in both record research and field operations. Michael is highly recognized for his expertise in unraveling difficult and complicated right-of-way determinations and boundary disputes and has provided his services to many private and municipal clients. In addition to his boundary and right-of-way research expertise, Michael is extremely skilled at high precision field work for both boundary and construction control.  Not only is Michael comfortable working in the field, he is also very familiar with the special considerations required when working in the roadway, rail, and airport environments. His experience as a Grade Foreman, Resident Engineer, and Survey Crew Chief also make him uniquely qualified in the construction realm.


As Chief of Surveys, Michael is responsible for all field survey operations and work product.


Stephen O. Lizewski – Chief of Field Operations

Stephen is a 1988 graduate of Vermont Technical College and has been with DLHCE for over twenty years. Stephen worked prior to college as a construction laborer and after college as a Foreman for a construction crew doing pipeline and public infrastructure improvements, making him extremely comfortable in the construction setting. This experience allows Stephen to look ahead in the construction process and anticipate concerns based upon the contractor's projected work path. Stephen is familiar with plan and specifications interpretation and is experienced in all phases of performance testing of pipelines, structures, and roadways, including unusual or difficult testing conditions. He has an in depth knowledge of the VTrans Standard Specifications for Construction and VTrans pay item categories. Stephen is skilled in construction level survey tasks such as measurements of grades and the confirmation of invert and structure elevations and is well respected by many of the area contractors. Stephen insures that the construction meets the operational needs of the Owner, as he understands that after the construction is over and the guarantee period has ended, it is the Owner that will have to maintain the project for its entire lifetime.  Stephen's active construction supervision methods keep him intimately involved in the project and time after time proves to be an asset to any construction project.


As Chief of Field Operations, Stephen manages all of the firm's inspection staff and is responsible for all construction phase operations.



Barry F. Driscoll – Survey Technician

Barry has been providing surveying and permitting services at our firm for nearly 10 years. Barry is qualified to perform all land surveying tasks including geolocation, boundary survey, topographic survey, and record research. Barry is also skilled in construction survey, including installation of control points, establishment of baseline, verification and installation of all vertical and horizontal control, site and drainage layout, initial and final sections, and documenting quantities. Barry has been the lead surveyor for numerous private and municipal projects and has years of experience with boundary surveys, boundary disputes, and right-of-way determination. Barry is also proficient with GIS and has created and updates our GIS database. 

As Survey Technician, Barry is responsible for all non-construction field operations and the selection and maintenance of our firm's precision survey equipment.


Mark L. Downing, CPESC - Engineering Technician

Mark is a 2005 graduate of Vermont Technical College and is also a Licensed Class A Site Technician and Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control. Mark joined DLHCE as an intern while he was in high school. Mark is an experienced septic system designer, and has provided complete engineering services for all types of conventional, innovative, and mound septic systems. He is highly skilled in soil identification and testing related to septic system design. Mark assists our clients' comply with permit conditions through annual and monthly inspections and reporting. Mark has served as a construction inspector on numerous projects.   He is experienced with interpreting plans and specifications as well as the observation of pipe and structure testing. Mark served as the Primary Inspector and On-Site Plan Coordinator for a 334 unit residential development. Mark was responsible for observing the installation of municipal utilities, roadways, sidewalks, and curbing, observation of testing, preparation of inspection reports and documentation of project progress, as well as performance of the On-Site Plan Coordinator duties in accordance with the project’s Individual Construction Discharge Permit. 


As Engineering Technician, Mark is responsible for maintaining the firm's computer hardware, software, and networks. He is also responsible for developing all CAD templates utilized by the firm. 



Renee L. Kershner - Office Manager

Renee graduated from St. Michael’s College in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Prior to joining DLHCE in 2009, Renee was the Senior Accountant at Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc.


Renee is tasked with the administrative function of the office. She has considerable knowledge of computer capabilities and information management systems and is proficient in all Microsoft Office programs as well as accounting programs including, but not limited to, Peachtree Accounting and Quickbooks Pro. Renee provides support to supervisors and staff in carrying out filing, billing, communications, and other functions of the office. Renee checks, maintains, and prepares records such as financial documents, office payroll, time and attendance, travel information, and all daily, monthly, and annual records.


As Office Manager, Renee is in charge of everything!



Jeremy Dean - Engineering Intern
Jeremy Dean joined our firm as a part time engineering intern in the spring of 2013. Jeremy is currently a freshman at the College of Engineering at the University of Maine. Jeremy provides computational and drafting support to our firms designers and also assists with topographic land surveys.   Jeremy has been working in conjunction with project engineers on a wide variety of projects and will continue to do so while in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering.
Emily Magoon - Archivist
Emily Magoon joined our firm as a part time archivist in the spring of 2012. Emily is currently a junior at the University of Vermont in pursuit of a degree in Library Media Studies. Emily has been building an electronic database of all available files produced by our firm spanning fifty years.



Porter is glad that DLHCE is a dog friendly office since he never leaves Ben's side and kept regular attendance here since he was 8 weeks old. Porter is proficient at sleeping throughout the day and waking to provide notice to the other office employees that lunch time has arrived. Throughout his career at our firm Porter has provided moral support and a happy greeting to all of our clients and employees.