"Wow! What a neat project that we can both drive by each day and be proud of. A win/win for the Champlain Valley Exposition and the Village of Essex Junction. Congratulations to you and your firm for pulling all the pieces together." - Mr. David Grimm, CFE. Former General Manager of the Champlain Valley Exposition.



"I am writing to you at this time to commend the job that you, your engineer, Rick Hamlin, P.E., and your chief operator, Roland Maxfield, have done in complying with the requirements of ID-9-0154-1A in regards to the annual inspection of the sewage collection, treatment and disposal system serving the Apple Island Resort. The inspection report was well organized, clearly written, detailed, and included pictures as additional documentation of existing conditions. All in all this was an excellent fulfillment of permit requirements and I thought I should take some time out to recognize your efforts and those of your engineer and chief operator. Thanks." - John J. Akielaszek, Chief Indirect Discharge Permit Program, VT DEC



"The Village of Essex Junction has been the recipient of high quality engineering services from all of your staff, in particular from Steve Lizewski, during this year of persistent challenge. Through all of these challenges, Steve has risen above the fray to bring projects back on track and provide the quality installation that developers agreed to provide. On top of that, he has been available morning, noon, and night to get the job done for us. Try as they may, contractors have not slipped anything by Steve. His keen eye, analytical ability, and solid people skills have helped maintain high quality control of installations in the Village right of way. We simply wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Steve's services." - James L. Jutras, WWTF Director, and Ricky V. Jones, Public Works Director.


"Susan and I want to thank Jeffrey Kershner once again for all your help with the Bibby subdivision appeal. While the results are not yet known, we are truly impressed with the efforts of our "team". Your testimony reflected thorough knowledge, preparation, and confidence, all of which made you a credible and effective witness. At the conclusion of the trial we felt that our position had been presented as well as it could have been and, regardless of the outcome, we still feel that way." - Judge Lawrence H. Bruce, Jr. 


"This is just a quick note to thank Ben Heath for his communication and explanation of the construction project along the way. Also, thank you Ben for your patience as we asked questions and gave opinions/input on things. I know from experience it isn't easy working in customer services and I can't imagine your job is easy as you explain these projects to people and try to convince them that tearing everything apart will result in something much better. But you seem to navigate it pretty well! - Raechel McLeod, Village of Essex Junction Resident

"Thank you for your excellent job on this project. We really appreciated the daily communication and accommodations from your firm." Steve Ducham, Village of Essex Juction Resident

Tatro Construction, Inc. has worked with Hamlin Consulting Engineers on numerous projects over the years. I have personally known Rick for approximately 20 years. We have found their designs are based on sound engineering principals. Their plans and specifications are easy to understand. That being said, Rick and his staff always have an eye on constructibility! This directly correlates to smoother construction phase. I wholeheartedly recommend Rick and his staff. They put the professional in Professional Engineers.- Marshall Leonard, P.E., General Manager, G.W. Tatro Construction, Inc.